Recruitment Information



                                            Job title: CNC lathe technician 2 people

                                            Job requirements

                                            1. More than 3 years CNC lathe programming debugging experience;

                                            2. Familiar with CNC lathe programming, sharpening, adjusting machine and other comprehensive technology;

                                            3. Be able to read mechanical drawings and use various measuring tools;

                                            4. Skilled operation of frank, MITSUBISHI and other systems;

                                            5. Familiar with precision metal parts processing and Tianjin type machining experience is preferred;

                                            Job title: 2 technicians in machining center

                                            Job requirements

                                            1. Be able to read CAD plane three views independently;

                                            2. Skilled use of the brand processing center dialogue and NC language tune machine;

                                            3. Manual grinding tools;

                                            4. Have more than three years experience in processing precision metal parts;


                                            Job title: System Specialist 1

                                            Job requirements

                                            1. Master ISO9000 series quality management system and effective use

                                            2. Familiar with enterprise quality management;

                                            3. Familiar with office software;

                                            4. Have certain English reading ability;

                                            5. Experience in hardware system construction is preferred;


                                            Job title: 10 CNC operators 

                                            Job requirements

                                            1. Understand CNC CNC lathe operation, have the experience of watching machine;

                                            2. Be able to read mechanical drawings, use micrometer, caliper and other measuring tools;

                                            3. Responsible and self-motivated;


                                            Contact:Mr. Mao